Permanent Residential Lights

Permanent Outdoor Residential Holiday Lighting

Brighten your holidays and add security to your home with permanently installed lights.
Installing permanent lights is a hassle-free and cost-effective way to decorate your home. No more climbing ladders, worrying about blown fuses or dealing with all those tangled strings and extension cords. You can enjoy your lights all year long with permanent residential Holiday lights, not just at Christmas.
Our permanent holiday lighting system offers many benefits over temporary lighting. Not only are they more durable than temporary lights and cost less in the long run, but they are also low maintenance and designed explicitly for outdoor use. They have been tested in all weather conditions and come backed with a 3-year warranty. Plus, you have nothing else to do once they're installed! We can have them up within a couple of hours so that you can get right to enjoying your holiday display!
Let us help you plan and install the decorative lights of your dreams! Are you looking for a subtle display of twinkly lights or a full-on festival of flashing lights? PRO Lighting can do that. We provide our clients with a variety of options to fit any home, so whether you're looking for something small and subtle or something grand, we've got what you need. Contact PRO Lighting today for all your permanent residential holiday lighting needs!

Permanent Holiday Lighting Winnipeg, MB
Permanent Holiday Lighting Winnipeg MB
Walkway Lighting Winnipeg

Walkway Lighting

Light your walkways with energy-efficient LEDs and create a safer, more welcoming environment for you and your guests.

Deck Lighting Winnipeg

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Complete your outdoor living space with LED lights for your deck. Deck lights add safety and visual appeal by illuminating railings, stairs, and walkways.

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Garage door surround lighting allows you to see all the way up your garage and helps you see any intruders before they get a chance to break in.

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Home Security Lighting Winnipeg

Home Security Lighting

Permanent LED lighting adds extra security to your home by making it more visible. This helps deter burglars so they are less likely to target your house and make you feel safer when you are coming home from work or out at night.

The Benefits of Permanent Holiday Lighting:


Our permanent lights, all connectors and cable can handle any weather.


We’re so confident in the durability of our permanent lights that they come with a full three-year warranty.

Made for Manitoba

Our permanent lighting system has been tested to withstand harsh Manitoba winters and will work down to -40C.

Energy Efficient

The light only consumes 0.3 watts of power at full brightness, which is a super low amount!

Well Hidden

Your light track is unique to you, and is made to match the colour of your house. When turned off, it’s nearly invisible from the street.

No Maintenance

Our LED lights are designed to last. They're built to last up to 50,000 hours of use and offer greater energy savings than traditional lights.